A tellerbarret is the large, floppy brimmed hats with the ostrich plumes decorating it. It is, sometimes, referred to as a “pizza” hat. It can have a round brim (plain, slashed, or gathered), a brim made with two half circles, or with large “petals”. Also for decoration, they would hang dangly bits of treasures from the underside of the brim (beads, coins, etc.); SCA people sometimes hang their award tokens in this fashion. Below are some inspirational images.

with petals two half circleswith gathers

I decided to use the four petal pattern, alternating the rust-green that is in my kampfrau; it will also have the square section on top. Below I have all the pieces cut out and one petal completed (image shows front and back sides of petal). I am using a wire for a stabalizer for the edges of each petal.

I am probably making this harder than I need to, but after making a couple sewing errors on the first petal, I changed my technique and I find this way is a lot easier for me.

First, I pin the snot out of the hedgehogs (these are the small “loops”), facing them IN towards the center. Making sure the they are on the RIGHT side of the wool, then I sew them in place, just inside of the seam allowance.

Second, I sew a piece of canvas to the INSIDE of the lining (this will add some stability to the petal). I trim this so that it does not go into the seam allowance area. It does not need to be perfectly attached, as it will not be visable when finished.

Third, I sew the lining to the second petal piece (the rust), JUST inside the seam allowance. Making sure that the lining is on the WRONG side of the wool. Don’t worry, it will all make since in a few more steps. Next, I sew another line about 1/4″ from the first line (inside the seam allowance). This will make the tube for the wire stabilizer.

Posted on April 9, 2012

Today I finished the tellerbarret. I think it need more plumes… *S*

1) Sew wulsthaube
2) Make goldhaube
3) Get working on chemise

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