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A tellerbarret is the large, floppy brimmed hats with the ostrich plumes decorating it. It is, sometimes, referred to as a “pizza” hat. It can have a round brim (plain, slashed, or gathered), a brim made with two half circles, … Continue reading

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German Accessories

NOTE: Wear the correct accessories that go with your period clothes. As in not wearing a German head covering with Norse clothing… LOL Shoes pouch feast utensils jewlery

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Green & Rust

For my first German dress, I talked with Baroness Sylvie le Chardonniere and she graciously agreed to help me where she could. Inspiration images: On the left is Sylvie in her German dress and on the right is my inspirational … Continue reading

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Sewing Tips

Tips are just that; tips about how to do something new, or easier than a way that you already know. I am learning new things in making my German, so will try to post about them as I learn them. … Continue reading

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St. Brigetta Coif 1

At March Crown, 2011, I chatted with Baroness Sylvie le Chardonniere reguarding her St. Brigetta Cap. It is a simple head covering that I could wear at events. Taking quick notes, and examining hers, I was able to make me … Continue reading

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Materials & Supplies

I have been sewing, mundanely, for over 40+ years, but have found out that I was never “taught” things correctly; 1. I was never was told to wash material BEFORE cutting patterns. 2. I did not know about “cutting on … Continue reading

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