This is where I post about my embroidery projects, adventures in garment making and anything new that I learn reguarding my SCA exploits.

I am in the process of planning and making a German kampfrau (in wool), but, waiting for all my wool to arrive, I will keep busy with my other embroidery projects and working on the linen accessories for my German garb.

As I work on my items, I will be posting a progress report here; so keep tabs on the Catagory links to the right. I am an embroiderer, not a seamstress, so please bear this in mind. I will make mistakes (as we all do) and will comment on them as well. My pages are either step-by-step or daily posts (all depends on how long it takes me to complete a project). These are, IMHO, my “learning” projects, so please do not expect perfection.